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Product description

Product advantages

ISO-BLOCO ONE CONTROL is a pre-compressed multifunctional joint sealing tape packed in a tear-off activation film. Designed for sealing windows in accordance with Energy Saving Standards according to the RAL installation guidlines. It was developed especially to allow simple and reliable pre-fitting. The tear-off cover ensures that the window sealing tape remains compressed, even when the roll is unwound. ISO-BLOCO ONE CONTROL now makes it possible to pre-fit a 3-level seal in the workshop. The easy-to-use pre-fitted tape packaged in a robust film combines three functional areas based on the RAL 3-level principle. The 1000 Pa outer area offers particularly high resistance to driving rain, while the middle area provides reliable thermal and acoustic insulation. The inner area with an a-rating of 0.00 guarantees a 100 % airtight seal.

ISO-BLOCO ONE CONTROL thus helps to minimise heat losses due to convection as described in the current Energy Saving Standards. It also has an optimum vapour diffusion gradient from inside to outside (50:1) creating effective moisture transport to the outside and thus rapid drying of the joint.

  • The tape is activated exactly when required for controlled expansion
  • Cost advantage and time saving due to straightforward pre-fitting off site
  • Can be fitted regardless of the temperature or weather conditions and no need for external access
  • 3-level seal with just one product and in a single operation
  • A wide range of joints can be sealed with just a few tape dimensions
  • Resistant to driving rain to a minimum of 1000 Pa
  • High sd-value gradient, optimum moisture transport to the outside, tested and defined
  • Internal air tightness minimises heat losses caused by convection
  • Suitable for passive house construction
  • Conforms to the requirements of Energy Saving Standards and the principles of the RAL assembly guideline
  • 10 year performance guarantee*
* On the conditions of the manufacturer (available upon request).


  • ISO-TOOL CLIP for quick and easy pre-fitting on PVC and aluminium windows frames
  • ISO-TOOL CUT special blade for creating reliable corners
Technical data Standard Classification
Material description impregnated PUR flexible foam with special film and tear-off activation film
Colour black
Impermeable to driving rain DIN EN 1027 ≥ 1000 Pa
Impermeable to driving rain, joint intersection DIN EN 1027 ≥ 600 Pa
Temperature stability range DIN 18542 -30°C to +80°C
Classification according to DIN 18542 BG 1 and BGR
Air permeability coefficient DIN EN 12114 a = 0,00 m³/[h*m*(daPa)ⁿ]
Compatibility with adjacent building materials DIN 18542 requirements fulfilled
Dimension tolerance DIN 7715 T5 P3 requirements fulfilled
Building material class DIN 4102 B 1 (fire resistant)
Thermal conductivity DIN EN 12667 λ10,tr = 0,05 W/m*K
U-value: Window construction depth 70 mm/80 mm/90 mm DIN 4108-3 U = 0,7 W/m2*K; U = 0,6 W/m2*K; U = 0,55 W/m2*K
Sound reduction 45 dB in 10 mm joint
sd-value gradient (from internal to external) DIN EN ISO 12572 50 : 1 (internal ≥ 25; external ≤ 0,5)
ETA – 15/0407 CE mark since 2015
Shelf life 1 year, dry and in original packing
Storage temperature +1°C to +20°C
Maximum time between pre-fitting and installation as per manufacturer’s specification.


Tape width Window construction depth** Recomended joint width***
60 – 94 mm**** 62 – 96 mm 6 – 20 mm
60 – 94 mm**** 62 – 96 mm 8 – 33 mm
Alternative dimensions available on request.
** Check the compatibility list.
*** Movement of the components and temporary changes of length of the existing joints should be taken into account when determining the right tape size.
**** Available tape widths correspond to current price lists.


The tape is usually fixed to the PVC or aluminium windows frames using a clip fixing. The ISO-TOOL CLIP assembly tool is used to clip the ISO-BLOCO ONE CONTROL sealing system safely into the grooves in the window profiles, and mechanically fix it to the window frame. The ISO-TOOL CUT corner tool ensures that the corner loops are shaped reliably. The pre-fitted tape is also available with one or two high-quality self-adhesive butyl fixing strips for use with wooden windows and on narrow protiles under 65 mm deep.

After the window is aligned and fixed in the appeture, the seal is activated by pulling the activation tab which tears open the foil perforations. This allows the seal to expand, reliably filling the joint within the recommended joint application area.

Bloco One Control 2

Sample installation (CB): Fitting PVC windows


Pre-compressed tape on rolls with tear-off cover with integral activation tab.
Bloco One Control 3

Sample installation (1-BT): Fitting wooden windows


  • Finish A: CB with clip fixing
  • Finish B: BT with self-adhesive butyl fixing
(1-BT) with one butyl adhesive strip in the middle (2-BT) with two butyl adhesive strips on the outer edges
Product Data Sheet