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Product description

Product advantages

ISO-BLOCO RENO is a multifunctional sealing and insulating system specially developed for energy-related window renovation. It is made up of two connected sealing components. The core layer is made of high-quality polymeric material and provides a smooth surface for the seal. The excellent material component properties guarantee a tight fit in the U-recess which remains after the removal of the old window frame. At the same time as sealing the cavity in the masonry, it forms the basis for the upper sealing layer. The sealing layer is made of impregnated, pre-compressed PUR soft foam with an integrated airtight membrane. The multifuntional material has 3 distinct areas which combine to achieve the 3-level sealing required by the RAL “Installation Guide”. On the internal side it has an a-value of 0.00, which means it is 100 % airtight and acts as a vapour barrier, in the middle area it ensures optimum acoustic and thermal insulation and in the outer area it provides outstanding protection from the weather with a driving rain impermeability of more than 1,000 Pa (Hurricane Forces).

  • Simple and reliable fitting in old buildings
  • Complies with Energy saving requirements and the principles of the RAL “Installation guide”
  • 3-level seal using only one product
  • BG 1 and BG R tested according to the requirements of the RAL installation guidlines
  • Reduces convective heat loss
  • Clean processing without material residue
  • High flexibility and application reliability even with joints of different depths
  • Can be combined with mastic sealing materials and/or cover strips
  • Installation independent of temperature and the weather
  • No change in tried-and-trusted installation processes required for renovation work
  • 10 year performance guarantee*
* On the conditions of the manufacturer (available upon request).


Where U-recesses are particularly deep, we recommend to first back-fill the recess with a suitable insulating material. In addition, ISO-BLOCO RENO is compatable with all know building insulating materials.

ISO-BLOCO RENO is excellent for standard-compliant sealing work done during window renovation/replacement. The sealing system is fitted directly into the U-recess left from the removal of the old window before the new window is installed. The fixing process is by means of flexible sealing flanks. To make fitting easier, the tape has also been made self-adhesive.

Technical data Standard Classification
Material description impregnated PUR flexible foam with special film
Colour black
Impermeable to driving rain DIN EN 1027 ≥ 1000 Pa
Temperature stability range DIN 18542 -30°C to +80°C
Classification according to DIN 18542 BG 1 and BGR
Air permeability coefficient DIN EN 12114 a = 0,00 m³/[h*m*(daPa)ⁿ]
Compatibility with adjacent building materials DIN 18542 requirements fulfilled
Dimension tolerance DIN 7715 T5 P3 requirements fulfilled
Building material class DIN 4102 B 1 (fire resistant)
Thermal conductivity DIN EN 12667 λ10,tr = 0,05 W/m*K
U-value: Window construction depth 75mm/85mm/95mm DIN 4108-3 U = 0,7 W/m2*K; U = 0,6 W/m2*K; U = 0,55 W/m2*K
Sound reduction 45 dB in 10 mm joint
sd-value gradient (from internal to external) DIN EN ISO 12572 50 : 1 (internal ≥ 25; external ≤ 0,5)
ETA – 15/0407 CE mark since 2015
Shelf life 1 year, dry and in original packing
Storage temperature +1°C to +20°C


Tape width / Width of                          Area of application sealing level **
area of application U-recess BG 1 BG 2
75 / 6 – 20 mm 58 – 74 mm
85 / 6 – 20 mm 68 – 84 mm 6 – 20 mm 6 – 27 mm
95 / 6 – 20 mm 78 – 94 mm
75 / 8 – 33 mm 58 – 74 mm
85 / 8 – 33 mm 68 – 84 mm 8 – 33 mm 8 – 43 mm
95 / 8 – 33 mm 78 – 94 mm

Alternative dimensions available on request.

** Movement of the components and temporary changes of length of the existing joints should be taken into account when determining the right tape size. Installation depths of the U-recess beyond these areas of application can be reduced using suitable insulation materials.

Bloco Reno 2

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