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Energy saving

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The requirements made by the European energy saving regulation (EnEV) are increasing all the time. These days, the standard for modern buildings is already at a low-energy, with Passive house becoming more and more popular. Their outstanding features are the extremely high thermal insulation of the exterior components and the special airtightness of the building shell. For us to be able to sit in a cosy living room without a bad conscience in the future, means the desire to deal sparingly and efficiently with energy resources will guide technical planning and implementation.

The importance of permanently air tight joints should not be underestimated, because apart from the use of effective thermal insulation for the outer shell, consistent joint sealing will result in the greatest savings. The thermal and acoustic protection area must remain dry and must not be subject to condensation from the room side nor driving rain from the outside. 5% humidity can reduce insulation by up to 50%. Our product solutions do not permit this to happen. Thanks to the components of ISO-SEALING SYSTEMS you can meet the strict requirements of the various energy saving regulations completely and efficiently.

ISO-Chemie is the first manufacturer of sealing products in the world to have drawn up an Environment Product Declaration (EPD) for its range of sealing tapes and to have this monitored and certified according to the European standard ISO 14025 and prEN 15804. Many of our sealing products were rated as “very low emission” with the GEV mark EMICODE EC1 PLUS. Both users and clients are thus guaranteed that these products do not give off hazardous substances into the ambient air and do not represent any risk to health.