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EISYS-H screw

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The EiSYS-H façade/adjusting screw is an adjustable screw for fastening a support structure to a ventilated façade. For soft and pressure-resistant insulation materials with a lathe bar structure made of wood, aluminium or a slate surface as façade cladding.
The EiSYS-H screw may be fastened to the substructures: e.g. wooden beam/timber frame, KS stone, concrete and masonry.
The freely rotating second threaded sleeve at the top of the screw allows for the adjustment of the spacing between the anchor base and the counter batten.
  • Compared with timber construction reduced assembly time.
  • Can be mounted on various surfaces
  • The conductivity of austenitic high-grade steels is much lower than steel or aluminium
  • Insulation thickness of 60 – 300 mm possible
  • Distance between counter batten and anchor base is easily adjustable
  • Suitable for new buildings and renovations
  • Various possible with façade claddings


  • For façade fastenings where wooden sub-structures are to be fixed on concrete or masonry at a distance
  • Outdoors: rear-ventilated curtain façade with façade insulation
  • About use follow the instruction on the product data sheet and local building regulations


  • Austenitic high-grade stainless steel A4 and Aluminium (The adjusting sleeve is made of aluminium)
  • Very low conductivity (15 W/mK)
  • Suitable for service classes 1 and 2 according to DIN EN 1995 (Eurocode 5)
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Good resistance against mechanical stress
  • Not suitable for timbers containing tannins
Article numberProduct descriptionDimensions Ø x L (mm)Thread lengthDiameter adjustment sleevePacking unit (pcs)
946080Eisys-H screw  7,0×198 mm7,0 x 19850 mm18,5 mm50
946081Eisys- H screw  7,0×218 mm7,0 x 21850 mm18,5 mm50
946082Eisys-H screw  7,0×238 mm7,0 x 23850 mm18,5 mm50
946083Eisys- H screw  7,0×258 mm7,0 x 25850 mm18,5 mm50
946084Eisys-H screw 7,0×278 mm7,0 x 27850 mm18,5 mm50
946085Eisys- H screw  7,0×298 mm7,0 x 29850 mm18,5 mm50
946086Eisys-H screw  7,0×318 mm7,0 x 31850 mm18,5 mm50
946087Eisys- H screw  7,0×338 mm7,0 x 33850 mm18,5 mm50
946088Eisys-H screw  7,0×358 mm7,0 x 35850 mm18,5 mm50
946089Eisys- H screw  7,0×378 mm7,0 x 37850 mm18,5 mm50
946090Eisys-H screw  7,0×398 mm7,0 x 39850 mm18,5 mm50
946091Eisys- H screw  7,0×418 mm7,0 x 41850 mm18,5 mm50
946092Eisys-H screw  7,0×438 mm7,0 x 43850 mm18,5 mm50


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