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Eisys-2 screw




The German Energy Saving Ordinance (as well as rising energy costs) requires efficient, environmentally sound thermal insulation for all heated buildings and, more recently, cooled buildings. Rear-ventilated rainscreen cladding combines this requirement with the possibility of finishing the building shell with a wide range of materials for aesthetic and/or technical reasons.
The EiSYS-2 screw is a façade/adjusting screw.
The EISYS-2 screw is fastened to the building wall with a plug. The freely rotating threaded sleeve at the top of the screw allows the façade‘s substructure to be aligned parallel to the building wall.
  • Compared with timber construction reduced assembly time
  • Insulation layer doesn’t consist timber beams
  • Compared with timber construction reduced heating/cooling cost
  • High loads can be transmitted through the framework screw connections even in the case of larger distances from the building wall.
  • Insulation thicknesses from 80 to 280 mm
  • Distance between counter batten and anchor base is easily adjustable
  • Suitable for new buildings and renovations
  • Full design freedom is maintained for the façade


  • For façade fastenings where wooden sub-structures are to be fixed on concrete or masonry at a distance
  • Outdoors: rear-ventilated curtain façade with façade insulation
  • About use follow the instruction on the product data sheet and local building regulations


  • Hardened carbon steel, blue galvanized
  • The shaft of the screw is additionally encased with a plastic sleeve
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Suitable for service classes 1 and 2 according to DIN EN 1995 Eurocode 5
  • Good resistance to mechanical stress
  • Not suitable for timbers containing tannins
Article numberProduct descriptionDimensions Ø x L (mm)Thread lengthDiameter adjustment sleevePacking unit (pcs)
945935Eisys-2 screw  7,2×198 mm7,2 x 19890 mm15,5 mm50
945925Eisys- 2 screw 7,2×218 mm7,2 x 21890 mm15,5 mm50
945926Eisys-2 screw 7,2×238 mm7,2 x 23890 mm15,5 mm50
945927Eisys- 2 screw 7,2×258 mm7,2 x 25890 mm15,5 mm50
945928Eisys-2 screw  7,2×278 mm7,2 x 27890 mm15,5 mm50
945929Eisys- 2 screw  7,2×298 mm7,2 x 29890 mm15,5 mm50
945474Eisys-2 screw  7,2×318 mm7,2 x 31890 mm15,5 mm50
945930Eisys- 2 screw  7,2×338 mm7,2 x 33890 mm15,5 mm50
945931Eisys-2 screw  7,2×358 mm7,2 x 35890 mm15,5 mm50
945932Eisys- 2 screw 7,2×378 mm7,2 x 37890 mm15,5 mm50
945933Eisys-2 screw  7,2×398 mm7,2 x 39890 mm15,5 mm50
945934Eisys- 2 screw  7,2×418 mm7,2 x 41890 mm15,5 mm50


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