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Material Resysta
Homogenous extrusion
Raw materials used
Raw materials used Rice husks approx. 60%
Common salt approx. 22%
Mineral oil approx. 18%
Material Characteristics
Density ASTM D2395:2002 approx. 1.46 g/cm³
Coeffivient of linear ASTM D696 3,6 x 10(-5) mC
thermal expansion
Water Absorption & Humidity ASTM D1037:2006a Little up to no water absorption (only surface moistening)
Weathering and UV Resistance QUV Test With glaze treatment, Resysta surfaces are extremely resistant
Slippery Test (wet area barefoot) DIN 51097 Class C (highest class)
Fire Rating (german/european norm) EN ISO 11925-2 B2 (E) – standard flammable (with additional treatment B1 reachable)
Fire rating according NFPA (US Norm) ASTM E84 Class A (flame propagation 25, smoke emission 450)
Fire rating (British standard) BS 476 Teil 6&7 Class 1
Duraility Resistance against wood-destroying fungi (basidiomycetes) DIN V EN V 12038:2002 The material has not been affected,
highest durability
– Class 1
Emission LGA-tested safety & contamination LGA test passed
Brinell hardness (HB) EN 1534 81,1 N/mm2
Coefficient of sliding and friction μ untreated EN 13893 0,46
Coefficient of sliding and friction μ with 2K varnish EN 13894 0,52
Axial Witdrawal Force (of Screws) EN 320.2011-07 5777 N
Thermal Conductivity (λ) EN 12664 0.199 W/(mK)
Water Vapour Transmission DIN EN ISO 12572 μ=1300 -> sd 7,22 m
Bending Strength ISO 178 46 N/mm²
Bending Modulus ISO 178 3850 N/mm²
Tensile Strength ISO 527 21,8 N/mm²
Tensile Modulus ISO 527 2340 N/mm²
Shearing Strength EN 392 16,8 N/mm²
Durability – Resistance against rotting fungi CEN/TS 15083-2 No attack by the test fungi, highest durability class 1 (very durable)
Durability against mold fungi and wood discoloring fungi EN 15534-1:2012 Durability against the wood discoloring fungi (very durable)
Durability against subterranean Termites ASTM D3345-08 High Durability against subterranean Termites – nearly no weight loss
Specific surface and volume resistances DIN IEC 60093 measuring voltage 100 V Surface resistance Rx=8,0*10(13) Ω
Specific surface resistance α=8,1*10(14) Ω
Volume resistance Rx=2,2*10(13) Ω
Specific volume resistanceα=6,3*10(14) Ω
Material processing   Like wood with wood processing machines: Cutting, milling, drilling, sanding, gluing and screwing
Surface treatment Applying original Resysta stain and 2K sealer with brush