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Our responsibility for a green future

The tropical rain forests extend like a green, living belt around our planet. Countless fauna and flora are at home there, many of these have not even been discovered yet. This “green lung” stores huge amounts of carbon dioxide and is essential for the climate on planet earth to be retained. Yet saving the rain forests is easier said than done as long as demand for tropical woods continues to rise. Our profiles made of Resysta® material mixture allow everyone to make a vital contribution to protecting the rain forest. The innovative material is absolutely wood-free, so that not a single tree had to be cut down.

Yet that’s not all: A decisive ecological advantage is the 100% recycling ability of our profiles. A closed circle of recycling is employed for the disposal and recycling. This way, old profiles are turned back into valuable raw materials and can be used for the production of new profiles without any loss of quality.

Resysta has been awarded with the special price for sustainability. We are very glad that our wood-free material innovation Resysta receives so much recognition among experts.


Rice husks: valuable, renewable raw material.


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