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Installation, finishing, maintenance


  • UV – resistant
  • Weather resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Resistant to salt- and chlorine-water
  • No cracking
  • Does not mould



Classic or modern – with the protection glaze, especially formulated for the Resysta surface, your floor can be perfectly protected against infiltration of dirt caused by wear and environmental influences. The water based formula of the glaze (FVG) is odorless and quick drying. Traces of use can easily be removed. If necessary, the color glaze can be easily refreshed in diluted form.


Protective sealer RFS


Application of the sealer Resysta RFS closes the surface and small joints. Ingress of moisture is prevented and the surface will be more hard-wearing. Thanks to the sealed structure, dirt particles do not adhere and are therefore easy to remove.

Dirt can easily be removed by means of a gentle jet of water or with a soft brush.