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„Blue-Power“ varžtai

Artimiausiu metu dabartinis puslapis bus išverstas į Lietuvių kalbą.

Product description


Product advantages

The BLUE-POWER System is developed for the multiple fixing of wooden façade substructures onto concrete or masonry with an insulation layer between the both of them. The system does bear both the load of the façade and the wind load. The BLUE-POWER screws therefore are fixed in an angle of 90° through a pre-drilled counter batten (made of soft wood) through the insulation into the anchoring base, which is pre-drilled, too. Dowels are not needed.

  • Quick and easy solution
  • Plug-free installation
  • Short assembly times
  • Can be used with standard battery-driven electric tools


  • For façade fastenings where wooden sub-structures are to be fixed on concrete or masonry at a distance
  • Outdoors: rear-ventilated curtain façade with façade insulation
  • Indoors: e. g. suspended ceilings, wall paneling etc.
  • About use of Blue-Power screws follow the instruction on the product data sheet and local building regulations


  • Case-hardened carbon steel, Zinc-Nickel coating
  • High corrosion-resistance
  • For the use in environmental class C4 long and C5-M long according to EN 12944-6
  • For the use in service class 1 and 2 according to EN 1995-1-1 (Eurocode 5)
  • High strength against bending by high yield moment of the screw
  • Not to be used for counter battens from tannin-rich wood
Article numberProduct descriptionDimensions Ø x L (mm)HeadPacking unit (pcs)
110390Blue-Power screw  7,4×180 mm7,4 x 180TX40100
110391Blue-Power screw 7,4×200 mm7,4 x 200TX40100
110392Blue-Power screw 7,4×220 mm7,4 x 220TX40100
110393Blue-Power screw  7,4×240 mm7,4 x 240TX40100
110394Blue-Power screw  7,4×260 mm7,4 x 260TX40100
110395Blue-Power screw  7,4×280 mm7,4 x 280TX40100
110396Blue-Power screw 7,4×300 mm7,4 x 300TX40100
110397Blue-Power screw  7,4×320 mm7,4 x 320TX40100
110398Blue-Power screw  7,4×340 mm7,4 x 340TX40100
110399Blue-Power screw  7,4×360 mm7,4 x 360TX40100
110400Blue-Power screw 7,4×380 mm7,4 x 380TX40100
110401Blue-Power screw  7,4×400 mm7,4 x 400TX40100


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