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Product description

Product advantages

ISO-FLAME PLUG S 90, is a specially developed form for a quick, easy and clean fitting for fire protection of single cables, cable bundles on circular openings (e.g. core hole) in fire walls and ceilings in accordance to DIN 4102. It consists of fire resistant impregnated PU high resilient foam and its maximum fire resistance durability averages between, at least, 60 and 90 minutes.


ISO-FLAME PLUG S 90 is suitable for fire-stop protection in wall and ceiling openings where fire protection rating S 30, S 60 or S 90 is requiered, in accordance with DIN 4102 T.9. It is particularly suitable for fire protection walls and ceilings of concrete and/or reinforced concrete, cellular concrete, brick-work or lighter partitioning walls. The fitting of cables is simply done by cutting.
  • Quick and clean application (very economical)
  • Totally free from dust and fibres
  • Easy fitting of cables
  • No special tools for fitting required or preparation of wall and ceiling openings necessary
  • Toxic fume blocker
  • Flexible application (temporary and permanent cable insulation)
  • No cracking due to permanent elasticity with high flexibility
  • Free from halogens and solvents
  • 10 year performance guarantee*
* On the conditions of the manufacturer (available upon request).

Technical approval

Building authorities approval through DIBt Berlin for S 90 (Z-19.15-1575).
Technical data Standard Classification
Material description fire resistant impregnated PUR-flexible foam
Colour anthracite
Fire resistance durability in fire protection walls and ceilings DIN 4102 T.9 S 90
Building material approval (ABZ) Z-19.15-1575 for S 90
Handling temperature +5°C to +40°C
Temperature stability range, dry -40°C to +80°C
Behaviour in case of fire DIN 4102 T.1 B2
Dimension tolerance DIN 7715 T5 P3 requirements fulfilled
Shelf life 1 year


System accessories

  • Coat either the wall aperture edges, or the ISO-FLAME PLUG edges with ISO-FLAME KITT to bond the foam in place.
  • On ceiling openings both visible fire-stop surfaces are to be coated with ISO-FLAME KITT. This is optional on walls.
  • The relevant building approval should be sort for using the ISO-FLAME PLUG S 90 as the services fire stop.
  • ISO-FLAME KITT: ablative fire protection compound (paste consistency, white) ABZ Z-19.11-1571.
  • ISO-FLAME SET: construction approval incl. conformity specifications, completion sign.
D x H (mm) = article nr. Max. hole diameter Achieved F-Class** Minimum wall and ceiling thickness Plugs per carton
54 x 90 51 mm up to S 90 30
62 x 90 58 mm up to S 90 30
74 x 90 70 mm up to S 90 100 mm (wall) 18
85 x 90 80 mm up to S 90 12
100 x 90 95 mm up to S 90 and 12
115 x 90 109 mm up to S 90 12
130 x 90 123 mm up to S 90 150 mm (ceiling) 12
151 x 90 143 mm up to S 90 12
181 x 90 175 mm up to S 90 12
** For the fire protection S 90 the minimum thickness of the fire-stop is 200 mm. 2 Plugs per openings must be installed.
 Plug 1
 Fitting Wall Ceiling
Minimum distance to next fire-stop 100 mm 100 mm
Maximum amount of cables 60% 60%
Maximum cable Ø  30 mm 30 mm
Maximum metal duct Ø  114 mm 54 mm
Product Data Sheet