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Product description

Product advantages

ISO-CONNECT HB-BAND is a highly pressure- esistant sealing strip that is primarily used in timber-framed buildings between the wall sole plate and foundation wall / floor slab as a capillary barrier. It is ideal for sealing against rising damp.

It can be supplied ready prepared with:
  • two impregnated foam strips for absorbing toleran‑ ces and compensating for irregular masonry surfaces
  • two butyl self-adhesive strips for permanent fixing
  • Permanent seal
  • Highly pressure-resistant
  • Excellent resistance to tearing
  • Weather-resistant and UV-stable
  • Impermeable to water vapour
  • Bitumen-compatible
  • Extremely temperature-resistant
  • Air tightness and thermal insulation
  • Flexible, even at low temperatures



ISO-CONNECT HB-BAND is a specially-designed horizontal seal for timber-framed buildings. It prevents moisture migration from the supporting structure to the wall sole plate. With the addition of the impregnated foam strips, it also aids the air tightness and the thermal insulation between the two varying surfaces.

  • Finish 1. standard
  • Finish 2. VK with 2 impregnated foam strips (15 x 20 mm)
  • Finish 3. VK-BT with 2 impregnated foam strips (15 x 20 mm) and 2 butyl adhesive strips (20 mm)



Thickness: 0.8 mm (plus impregnated tape, if added) Width: 120, 140, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400 mm (other dimensions available upon request)

Rolls, roll length: 25 m.
Technical data Standard Classification
Material description synthetic caoutchouc on EPDM basis
Colour black
Building material class DIN EN 13501 E
UV – stability and ozone resistance DIN 7864 T1 requirements fulfilled
Air permeability coefficient of impregnated tapes DIN EN 12114 a ≤ 0,1 m³/[h*m*(daPa)ⁿ]
Water vapour diffusion resistance  µ DIN EB 1931 32000
Tear growth resistance DIN 53504 ≥ 25 kN/m
Tensile strength DIN 53504 ≥ 6,5 Mpa
Elongation at break DIN 53504 ≥ 300%
Handling temperature approximately +5°C to +35°C
Temperature stability range -30°C to +100°C
Dimension tolerance DIN 7715 TP P3 requirements fulfilled
Thermal conductivity of impregnated tapes DIN 52612 λ ≤ 0,042 W/m*K
Shelf life  and storage temperature EPDM: unlimited, impregnated foam and butyl: 1 year at +1°C to +25°C


Preparation of the substrate The substrate must be clean, solid, dry and free of solvents. Using ISO-CONNECT HB-BAND Run the ISO-CONNECT HB-BAND along the length of either the sole plate, or the foundation wall. Ensure it is flat, but do not stretch, and fix it to the substrate.

  • Version 1 and 2: Fix with staples or flat head nails.
  • Version 3: Fix with double-sided butyl adhesive tape. Remove protective film from the adhesive tape, apply the adhesive tape to the substrate and press carefully with a roller. The sealing strip must not be pulled too tightly.

If tapes are joined, allow an overlap of 20 cm. The ISO-CONNECT HB-BAND must protrude by roughly 1-2 cm on both sides to prevent damp bridges occurring on either side of the wall. The overlaps can be bonded with ISO-TOP FLEX-ADHESIVE XP.

HB Band 2

Installation example

Connect HB-Band 2
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