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Product description

Product advantages

ISO-BUTYL are self-adhesive, volume-stable butyl tapes based on butyl rubber, which are available either as double-sided self-adhesive tapes, with tear-proof aluminium lamination or with synthetic fleece lamination. Due to their outstanding adhesion, the water-repellent ISO-BUTYL sealing tapes are suitable for the reliable and lasting sealing of joints, cracks, seams and overlapping in the entire construction area.
  • Water-repellent
  • Does not cause corrosion
  • Solvent-free
  • Bitumen-free and bitumen-compatible
  • Resistant to aging, weathering and UV
  • Constant volume
  • Functions immediately
  • Permanent adhesion
  • Simple to use
  • Complies with IVD instruction leaflet No. 5


ISO-BUTYL SELF-ADHESIVE TAPE is ideal for overlapping seals of screwed joints for assemblies in the fields of:
  • Cooling and air-conditioning
  • Motor vehicle construction
  • Ship and container building
  • Facade construction
  • Sanitary and electrical installation
  • Silo technology
  • Furniture and internal fittings
  • Instrument manufacture

ISO-BUTYL FLEECE TAPE is ideal for covering seals of fireplaces, butt and overlapped sheet metal joints, flashing for porches, garages, roof windows, heat insulation of glazing, ventilation and sanitation, sealing of skylights to roofs and sealing of wall-, roof-, parapets- and connecting-constructions.

ISO-BUTYL ALU TAPE is ideal for covering seals of constructional and connecting joints in buildings and industry and for sealing both internal and external joints and overlaps (metalwork, container construction, conservatories, air-conditioning and ventilation construction). In addition, when used in the construction of windows and facades, ISO-BUTYL ALU TAPE is ideal for sealing connections and joints (where a gas and diffusion-proof seal is necessary).

Technical data
Material description butyl rubber butyl rubber aluminium/plastic compound fil butyl rubber synthetic fleece
Building material class B2 B2 B2
Colour grey grey / aluminium grey
Density DIN EN ISO 10563 ≥ 1,26 g/cm³ ≥ 1,35 g/cm³ ≥ 1,2 g/cm³
Slipping test stable stable stable
Temperature stability range according to DIN 52455-4 -40°C to +80°C -40°C to +100°C -50°C to +100°C
Handling temperature approx. +5°C to +30°C approx. +5°C to +30°C approx. +5°C to +30°C
Dimension tolerance DIN 7715 T5 P3 requirements fulfilled requirements fulfilled requirements fulfilled
Storage temperature  ≈ 20°C approx. 20 °C practically unlimited (rolls stored flat, dry and protected from dust)



ISO-BUTYL thickness x width Roll length (metres) Carton (metres)
1,5 x 15 mm* 40,0 160,0
2 x 8 mm 396,0
2 x 10 mm 18,0 396,0
2 x 15 mm 324,0
2 x 20 mm 252,0
1,5 x 35 mm 200,0
1,5 x 40 mm 200,0
1,5 x 45 mm 150,0
1,5 x 50 mm 25,0 150,0
1,5 x 60 mm 150,0
1,5 x 80 mm 100,0
1,5 x 100 mm 50,0
2 x 50 mm 108,0
2 x 60 mm 108,0
2 x 80 mm 18,0 72,0
2 x 100 mm 36,0
2 x 120 mm 36,0
  * only available in black


Remove moisture, dust, separating agents, oil, grease and other dirt from surface to which the strip is to be applied. Pre-treat absorbent surfaces such as concrete, plaster, etc. with ISO-TOP PRIMER. Unroll strip and cut to length.

Overlapping constructions: Place ISO-BUTYL SELF-ADHESIVE TAPE with the unprotected surface of the material on the surface to which it is to be adhered and press down. Then pull off the separating paper or film. Overlap the free sealing surface with the intended material as required and press the sealing surfaces together. This compensates for small irregularities in the adhesion surface, but avoid over compression. Provide for permanent spacing (e.g. lugs, edges, washers).

Covering seals: Adhere the adhesive butyl surface of ISO-BUTYL ALU TAPE or FLEECE TAPE to the pre-treated substrate using a pressure roller. Press down firmly and carefully. Avoid creases and bends when pressing down or roll out carefully. Avoid transverse installations in roof areas (danger of detachment due to snow and ice loads). With ISO-BUTYL FLEECE TAPE, the adhesion zone can be plastered over up to 30 mm to a maximum thickness of 8 mm (do not plaster over any movement area).

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