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Visible fastening

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Deck boards can be fastened in different ways, depending on the type of wood. We provide innovative solutions that enable your individual requirements and wishes for fastening your deck boards. For visible fastening of timber and WPC decking are used decking screws.

The profile drilling screws are suitable for the visible fixing of decking on the Eurotec aluminium profiles. Assortment of decking screws consist many screws for different type of wood, with special head that reduce splintering and with different colour. Material: hardened stainless steel, stainless steel A2 and stainless steel A4.



  • Direct/visible fastening solution
  • Easy, fast laying of the decking
  • Compatible with different Eurotec aluminium system profiles
  • Easy replacement of individual decking boards
  • Supports constructive timber protection
  • Weather-resistant
Deck construction and landscaping