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Dēļu konstrukcijas piederumi

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Šī lapa pēc kāda laika tiks iztulkota uz latviešu valodu.
Our innovative products make an assembly work easy, guarantee visually attractive result and long-lasting deck. Most sensitive areas about timber substructure are contact area of substructure to decking board and supporting it on the base layer. And about stone slab flooring unevenness in the slabs must be prevented and uniform joint pattern must be reached. All those issues can be easily solved by using professional products made by Eurotec. Using accessories for decking will reduce installation time, to reach proper look of terrace and to increase the live cycle of terrace.


  • Accessories ensure quick and easy assembly
  • Resistant to weather, UV exposure, insects and rot
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Protecting timber constructions will increase service life of deck
Deck construction and landscaping