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Product description

Product advantages

ISO-PROFIL FILLER STRIPS are profile cut strips of highquality PE foam material. They are used in metal and industrial building structures to seal and insulate trapezoidal and wave profile sheets. They have the optimum form to match a wide range of European manufactured trapezoidal and corrugated metal sheeting.

  • Exact fit and dimensions for every trapezoidal sheet
  • Fine cells with a consistent smooth surface
  • Permanently elastic as well as having form stability
  • Environmentally friendly – chemically neutral
  • Available with UV-resistant aluminium lamination
  • Fire protection class B2, B1 as a special property
  • Two-coloured for increased flexibility when installing
  • Conforms to the requirements of the new IFBS-guideline for joint tightness on lightweight steel constructions
  • High and regularly examined product quality


ISO-PROFIL FILLER STRIPS are specially designed for the reliable and durable sealing of trapezoidal and corrugated metal sheeting, with additional heat and sound insulation. They are used for sealing applications in roofing (roof ridge, eaves) as well as for facades (parapet connections).


Filler strips 2

  • Standard profiles available at short notice
  • Special profiles on request
  • Product delivery direct to the building site
  • Competent commercial and technical support

Material thickness

approx. 30 mm or approx. 50 mm


Shelf life: 2 years, dry and in original packing

Storage temperature: +1°C to +20°C

Finishes *

Filler strips 3
Standard models

two-coloured anthracitewhite, for a reliable and durable sealing of trapezoid and wave profiles on building constructions

Filler strips 6
Special colour

in anthracite or white as an alternative colour variety, should a single colour play a special roll on an installation

Filler strips 4
Aluminium laminated

an additional protection against UV radiation and for a higher ageing resistance

Filler strips 7
Self adhesive

with butyl tape to simplify assembly and as additional sealing

Filler strips 5
Ventilation vents

to improve the ventilation of air in building constructions

Filler strips 8
Class B1 material

in anthracite or white,
20 mm thick special foam for buildings with higher fire protection requirements

special properties available upon request

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