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Window RKS 2000

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Circular pivot-hung swinging window RKS 2000

Circular window may have ventilation function. As well it may have opening and cleaning function. One possibility is to make windows with pivot fittings (vertical or horizontal). Second possibility is to make a circular window with pivot-hung fittings and increase transparent area.

RKS 2000 windows are made with following frame depth: 65 mm, 70 mm, 75 mm and 90 mm. Don’t forget that window will be complete if it is installed in proper way and is equipped with window sill that is made with best dimension for certain building.

Dependent of frame and sash dimensions RKS windows are produced with diameter 500 to 1200 mm.


  • Comfortable ventilation position
  • 30% reduced face width
  • In tilt position opening up to 300 mm
  • Opening angle up to 180° for cleaning from inside
  • More cost effective than window with pivot fittings
  • Surrounding middle seal for tightness
  • Especially designed for deep reveals