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LINIT Separating Wall Elements

 Partition Wall 1


Separating walls enable you to respond flexibly and quickly to changing needs for offices, business, and service rooms. LINIT separating wall elements are suitable as filler panels for classical separating, fire protection, and sound insulating walls, and as insulating walls of cold storage rooms.

Glass: enamelled, metallized, or colour printed.

Metal: Aluminium, steel, brass, copper or with aluminium designer sheets for special effects.

Wood: Smooth or grooved, with pine, spruce, oak, mahogany.

Laminate: The wide assortment ranges from plain hues and creative patterns up to the natural of wood veneers. Resistance to weather and UV radiation guarantee absolute colourfastness.


 Glas-PUR  Metal-PUR  Wood-PUR  MPU-Laminate