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LITEC DDZ roof window insulating frame

Litec DDZ 2 Litec DDZ 3
Litec DDZ  DDZ Velux drawing
For windproof installation of Velux roof windows without thermal bridges. Insulating core made of recycled PUR/PIR rigid foam.


  • Hard
  • High compressive strength
  • Non-rotting
  • Moisture resistant
  • Mould resistant
  • Resistant against mineral oils, acetone, methylene chloride, diluted alkalis and acids

Application areas:

  • For insulation above, between or below the rafters
  • Suitable for use in passive houses


  • Fast and reliable window installation
  • Installation without thermal bridges
  • The easily installed window roof insulating frame provides a tight connection between window frame and roof structure
  • Environmentally and biologically harmless
  • Including all accessories

Simple processing:

  • Material can be processed using standard woodworking tools.
Insulating frame for VELUX roof windows
Insulation core: Multiple glued layers of LINIREC building panels, raw density approx. 540 kg/m³, class E, thermal conductivity 20 – 40 mm: λD 0.083 W/(mK); 50 – 60 mm: λD 0.085 W/(mK); 80 – 100 mm: λD 0.088 W/(mK), can be used in temperature range of -50…+100 °C, moisture resistant, no mould formation, does not rot.
Please note: Use only for Velux roof windows.
Thickness mm Thickness mm Width mm Width mm Depth mm Length
Counter batten Roof slats total Slat covering Roof window covering mm
40 30 110 50 60 2440
40 40 110 50 60 2440
Other thicknesses on request.
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