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Pakloto užbaigimo profiliai ir drenažo profiliai

Artimiausiu metu dabartinis puslapis bus išverstas į Lietuvių kalbą.
Our deck end profile for single point support and aluminium substructures can be used to achieve a visually attractive border on decks with stone slab flooring in combination with the Profi-Line adjustable pedestals. Special geometry of drainage profile allows it to “trap” the rain so that the water falls directly onto the weatherproof layer, or into the gutter, without covering the door element or the façade cladding with reflected water (backsplash). Heavy rain is drained off in a controlled manner.


  • Elegant view
  • Flexible border design
  • Versatile applications
  • Easy assembly
  • It is possible to coordinate the complete edge structure
Deck construction and landscaping